No more tears

Today is the first day of my weekend. I had an emotionally rough week. From the bird's eye view, it really wasn't as rough as it could have been, but for me it felt like I barely made it to this day. My misophonia and OCD were killin' it big time. At work I struggled … Continue reading No more tears

Lonely and angry

What I would like to know is, if God is happy with me, why does He let me feel such painful emotions and does nothing to take it away or allow me to feel His love? I don't ask Him to send me a miracle or take my problems away, I could be just fine … Continue reading Lonely and angry

Stuttering: A Significant Illumination through Human Connection, Abandonment, Social Anxiety, Ostracism, Shame, Approval, Rejection, Trauma & Speech Motor Movements

Understanding Dysfluency

Written by Matthew O’Malley

Traduction Française – Lhomme Animal Social etc.


Human connection is at the core of our existence.  It is a fundamental and deep human need.  We yearn to connect.  While I believe there are spiritual reasons for connection, I view human bonding and connection through an evolutionary lens in the explanations below.  The synopsis is an accurate summary.  However, it is also just a brief glimpse into the deeply intertwined roles of human connection and stuttering.  The full version is more detailed and as a result is significantly more revealing.


Connection, approval and belonging are deep needs of the human as a social animal.  The opposite of connection, approval and belonging is rejection, shame, humiliation and abandonment.  Evolution and survival has shaped the human need for connection and belonging.  As a result, a situation which presents the possibility of social rejection, abandonment and/or disapproval is…

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