Stuttering: A Significant Illumination through Human Connection, Abandonment, Social Anxiety, Ostracism, Shame, Approval, Rejection, Trauma & Speech Motor Movements

Understanding Dysfluency

Written by Matthew O’Malley

Traduction Française – Lhomme Animal Social etc.


Human connection is at the core of our existence.  It is a fundamental and deep human need.  We yearn to connect.  While I believe there are spiritual reasons for connection, I view human bonding and connection through an evolutionary lens in the explanations below.  The synopsis is an accurate summary.  However, it is also just a brief glimpse into the deeply intertwined roles of human connection and stuttering.  The full version is more detailed and as a result is significantly more revealing.


Connection, approval and belonging are deep needs of the human as a social animal.  The opposite of connection, approval and belonging is rejection, shame, humiliation and abandonment.  Evolution and survival has shaped the human need for connection and belonging.  As a result, a situation which presents the possibility of social rejection, abandonment and/or disapproval is…

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